Grills and Wraps
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“After tasting Pangea for my first time in Ashland, I cannot imagine myself never tasting such intricate delicacy again. Please, I beg you, put the next Pangea in Merced, California. It's a small town and perfect for Pangea.” Esther

“Is there heroin in this?” – asking why our soup is so addictive.

"This is the Best! restaurant we've ever been to in the west coast! You should really open one in *San Francisco*. . . . . . Please it would help our entire school because we need a place like this. As Amanda says, "your food is orgasmic" . . .. and it looks pretty too. We could picture this in S.F., in fact it's ideal . . . . . Unfortunately none of us come to Ashland on a regular basis; in fact this is all of our firsts but maybe not the last. Hildie wishes you would deliver. Roxanne won't order anything else but the grill from Ipanema and the rainbow salad (she ordered it 3 times going on 4) Dre loves this place so much she can't talk while eating her beautiful food.

"Your chocolate dipped shortbread made Jani and Brittany have an impromptu orgasm on two of the chairs of your fine establishment. Thank you from the deepest parts of ourselves"

"You should make your soups available all around the world"
– Blake, 8 years old

"Great food – drove an additional two hours on my way back from a Palm Springs golf trip just to enjoy your place."
Thanks Doug

"I believe I've never been in a place like this. It is a very good and new experience. Thank you for making my food great and allowing me to leave with a smile on my face." - Once lost but now found

“A wrap is like a hug you give yourself on the inside."

"Pangea . . . . We stop here every time we drive to my mom's in Davis CA (we be from Portland or) so we've been stoppin' in since the beginning ('98) once, maybe twice or thrice a year (2x each though, cusp we never miss it on the way back!) you guys are our light in the dark hazy gloom of disgusting fast food stops and your average organic grocery store snack to go. You rock. Thanks and peace."

"The food here is such a gift that I could never leave a morsel uneaten."
– Mark

We come all the way form crescent city just to eat your food. We love it; we can't get enough of it! Thank you and please don't go anywhere."
– family from Crescent City.

"We love Pangea. It's one of the two places we eat in Ashland. The food is fresh and consistent. The staff is great. My dream is to know the recipes for your fabulous soups" – PLEASE!! Keep up the great work.

"As I walked down Main Street on a dreary day, I came across such a place that is rarely found in this world. And as I entered the doorway and crossed the walk to the counter my life suddenly shone with brightness never before found. The succulent smells, the tantalizing tastes, and sights never before seen. Like a trip to Ipanema, your grills wooed me and our marriage was complete. I tore into these delicious meals day after day with the wrap (or wrath?) of Khan. Until Yes! Yes! I was taken from my physical self and my soul was transported to a world long forgotten . . . . . . . . . Pangea"